Sitemap - 2023 - The Future, Now and Then

My Substack Year-in-Review (plus some thoughts on Substack's Nazi moderation problem)

The chroniclers of the crypto collapse

On Substack Nazis, laissez-faire tech regulation, and mouse-poop-in-cereal-boxes

Substackers Against Nazis

Notes from #WIRED30

From the WIRED archives: The trajectory of any emerging technology bends toward money

Elon Musk's Dealbook Meltdown

On OpenAI: Let Them Fight

Crooked Timber Series on "The Political Ideologies of Silicon Valley"

What Elections Are For

A reply to Noah Smith: tech optimism vs tech pragmatism, cont'd

Why can't our tech billionaires learn anything new?

On WIRED magazine's startup phase (1993-1997)

Elon Musk and the Infinite Rebuy

Bullet Points: Oh-just-shut-up edition

How 9/11 affected the Digital Future

We should all be Luddites now

Does anyone think Twitter gets *better* from here?

Bullet Points: Big money ruins everything+pronatalism's fake apocalypse

On the declining relevance of digital petitions

90's tech culture was a jumbled mess

The Two Bets

Will netroots organizations ever develop ballast?

The Curse of the Long Boom

On Political Communication as a Mission Science

Threads enters the fray

Twitter and the end of the infinite scroll

Bullet Points: the SSC lives, VC financial logic kills everything it touches, and the difference between new WIRED and old WIRED

Huxley's Electorate

A eulogy for the Sierra Student Coalition

On Jackpot Technologies, or, what Apple's new headset is actually *for*

Bullet Points: On the social trajectory of AI

Bluesky is just Twitter, without the burden of everything ruining Twitter.

On Generative AI and Satisficing

Pamela Paul, Cancel Culture Grifters, and the Republic of Letters

Not enough people are making fun of Balaji Srinivasan right now

Web3's fake version of Web history

Two Failure Modes of Emerging Technologies

Elon needs professional help

Starting April 15th, take the #ReversePokemon Twitter Challenge

On Generative AI, phantom citations, and social calluses

Three thoughts on Silicon Valley Bank

How long does Twitter have left?

George Packer is kind of right about equity language guides.

On technological optimism and technological pragmatism

The Reverse-Scooby-Doo Theory of Tech Innovation

What I'm looking for in the WIRED back catalog

That Olde Timey EPCOT Futurism

What are we going to do about Generative AI content farms?

That old WIRED ideology

Twitter Tumbleweed Watch

Pronatalism: Elon Musk's fakest public alarm

A WIRED compendium

What comes after the tech crash?