Sitemap - 2022 - The Future, Now and Then

The best of "The Future, Now, and Then," 2022 edition

What happens after the ChatGPT free-trial period ends?

The new Apple ad, and what has been missing from most depictions of the digital future

...I guess we should talk about the #TwitterFiles.

What Comes after Twitter?

One year later: Why did anyone take ConstitutionDAO seriously?

Twitter is Elon's midlife crisis

Hellsite Update

An Electoral Reprieve

Elon's Twitter-Tilt

Staring down the Twitterpocalypse

Rethinking Political Innovation

The MoveOn Effect: Ten Years Later

So how's the Metaverse going?


What would Elon-Twitter look like?

On Elon Musk and NPCs

The anti-politics of Stewart Brand's environmentalism

Tech futurism's blind spot

Will the climate crisis be a boon for authoritarians?

On the Oberlin/Gibson's lawsuit: social facts versus legal facts

A newsletter version of this newsletter

Let's tap the brakes on this A.I. hype-train.

The Hollow Core of Kevin Kelly's "Thousand True Fans" Theory

The Money Has to Come from Somewhere

Be Less Trashy, Substack.

Against Jackpot-Longtermism

What Facebook Is Good For, and Why It Can't Be Good Anymore

Andrew Yang and Tinkerbell Politics

Facebook might be in real trouble this time

Tech optimism isn't a solution to the climate crisis

Will Netflix be alright?

*When* Was the Blogosphere?

Activating the Wayback Machine: Revisiting the response to Sandy Hook, good and bad.

Why the boundaries of the gun debate never waver

On Situational Ethics and Political Activism

The steep, sloping path down from here

On Elon Musk giving Twitter "The Ultimatum: Acquire or Move On."

What Facebook's animatronic dog gets right.

What will it take to actually change the Republican Party?

Talking "Bretbug" in the Classroom

Internet Time is slowing down, Political Time is speeding up.