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Feb 12, 2023Liked by Dave Karpf

I'm sure it's because my disciplinary background approaches things differently - as a humanistic media scholar trained in a hodgepodge of qualitative and analytic techniques (one step shy of "methods"), I'm temperamentally prone to writing about anything! - but this all reads as quite kosher to me. You study how digital communication impacts the real world, mostly but not exclusively politics, so this is an account of the "real world" of journalism helping to shape digital media and economies. To me it sounds like discourse analysis methodologically, which doesn't really require you to be a historian - Communication is a broad enough field to encompass it, and you do that! Looking forward to seeing your work. (And if you want another book to read, I recommend ELECTRIC DREAMS by Ted Friedman for a cultural history of computing prior to the WIRED era.)

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